Collections - Jane Sarginson
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These sculptural forms are made in solid 18ct gold or silver.


The Collection includes beautiful simple tactile rings, to be worn singly, or in pairs – plain, with diamonds, or pearls. The pendant is made in two sizes, with various chain or cord lengths to choose from. Drop earrings and a heavy statement bracelet complete the Collection.



A painterly mixture of colour and shapes is found in the selection and grouping of pretty gemstones and pearls – in bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings.


Each piece is made slightly differently due to the natural materials. Using mixtures of blue, yellow and pink sapphires, aquamarines, peridots, diamonds and different pearls.



Mellis, or honey, is the name for the unique texture Jane has developed in her gold work. This tactile fluid form is found in her solid bangles, rings and earrings, as well as in the gold detail of her Starburst brooches and pearl necklaces.



The love of pearls has played an important part in Jane’s creative journey. From early days of working with the lovely ‘Biwa’ freshwater pearls to the astounding natural colours found in the dark Tahitian and Chinese freshwater pearls used today in her jewellery.


The natural forms of the South Sea baroque pearls are mixed in Jane’s designs with her ‘Mellis’ gold work and rich gemstones. ‘Keshi’ pearls are another favourite with the softer deep ‘crazed’ lustre and baroque shapes. These mixes of colour were illustrated in green, straw and deep brown and blue pearls in the group of five pieces exhibited in the recent major ‘Pearls’ Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, where she has also been invited to give regular talks about her pearl jewellery.

Her pearl and diamond ‘Starburst’ brooch can be seen in the Permanent Collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum’s Jewellery Gallery.

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Radiating sparkling pieces in 18ct gold, with highlights of tiny gold beads, often scattered with diamonds.

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